Admissions Info for High School Counselors

Conditional Admission of High School Students

A "Conditionally Admitted" Student is one who has completed high school graduation requirements, but cannot yet provide a transcript showing graduation from an accredited high school.  A conditionally admitted student will be able to register for coursework for the term, but must complete provide the transcript showing graduation before he/she may register for any subsequent term.  Georgia Perimeter College will conditionally admit applicants who meet the following requirements prior to high school graduation. There are some significant limitations placed upon conditionally admitted students:

  1. Financial aid or HOPE will not be available until the conditional admission is changed to full freshman admission. Students must be prepared to pay all tuition and fees due out-of-pocket at the time of registration. Upon attainment of full admission, the student may be eligible for application of financial aid funds, and receive a refund.
  2. If the student cannot demonstrate by means of an official transcript the full completion of math and/or English RHSC units at the time of registration, REGARDLESS of any SAT or ACT scores, he/she will have to take the respective COMPASS placement test(s) in math, English, and/or reading, and attain sufficient scores to exempt learning support requirements.
  3. If the student does not in fact graduate as indicated, the student is subject to removal from classes with no credit awarded, and any refund would be subject to college policies.

The requirements for a conditional admission are:

  • A minimum GPA on all RHSC courses of 2.0 or higher on the available transcript.
  • Completed Request for Conditional Admission, signed by student, high school counselor or administrator, and parent/guardian .
  • The most up-to-date official high school (regionally accredited) transcript available.
  • COMPASS test scores which waive learning support OR proven RHSC completions in math and/or English with appropriate, relevant SAT/ACT scores.
  • Except for the Final High School Transcript, all other admissions requirements (immunizations, verification of lawful presence, etc...) must be satisfied.

All consideration for a conditional admission is made by the director or coordinator of admissions in the college-wide admissions office. These decisions are not made at the local campus.

Next steps following a conditional admission:

The student must complete online orientation before registering for coursework. A registration hold will be placed on the student account until the final high school transcript has been received by the office of admissions. Electronic transcripts sent via Georgia College 411 are VERY MUCH WELCOMED, as they are easily and quickly evaluated.